Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 20 - Packing & Hong Kong

We all slept in this morning, except for our early riser Peanut (she was up before 8 while the rest of the kids slept an hour longer). 

We enjoyed our last breakfast buffet at the Garden Hotel. They had all kinds of food there - not just breakfast items...but lots of Asian foods and noodles as well. Mealtimes have been the most challenging moments with Mini-Lu. She is SO independent and throws a fit if we try to feed her or break her food into pieces. She is also very random...refuses to eat some food one minute, then a little while later she will eat them just fine. We're looking forward to working on some table manners with her once we're settled at home. 

We spent some of the morning packing and taking picture of Mini-Lu in her China dress. 

During Mini-Lu's nap time, I quickly walked over to the department store to buy some lunch, diapers, and CD/DVD carrier case (since we had bought all those DVDs at the market and we didn't want to pack so many boxes of DVDs). I could not find such case ANYwhere. There were tons of cases for all types of i-devices. I guess CD/DVDs don't exist in everyday China anymore. 

Allan took the girls to the pool one last time while Mini-Lu napped. We then finished packing and headed down to the lobby to pick up Siana's visa (our guide was picking up the visa from the Consulate today). We said good-bye to the other three families from our group. One of them was actually heading to the same Hong Kong hotel as us, but they took a separate van since we all couldn't fit into one. The remaining two families will stay at the Garden Hotel one more night and head to the Hong Kong airport in the morning.

It was a LONG ride to Hong Kong. Originally they told us it will be 3 hrs. There was a lot traffic, and it was raining HARD for most of the ride. The girls were all getting restless. What took the longest was the customs (crossing the border from China into Hong Kong). The process itself was simple, but the wait was very long (I think we waited for about half an hour at the border). The whole trip ended up being almost 4 hrs long. We finally arrived at the hotel close to 9pm. Even from just seeing the city at nighttime, it looks like a very modern, beautiful city. I wish we were able to spend a little bit of time here, but we are sooo maxed out on traveling that I'm totally fine with waiting till next time :)

Here's our crew leaving you can see, one of the girls was NOT happy.
Going through customs (leaving China and entering Hong Kong).

We ordered room service as soon as we arrived - we were hungry from being in the car for almost 4 hrs! We were so tired and hungry, we didn't even look at the price. Later we calculated and realized we spent $80 on dinner (I noticed that the prices seem very high in HK). At this point, we don't really care! The girls have definitely reached their max, especially Peanut. Besides a few minor fits, she has been our biggest trooper during this whole trip. But now she's letting us know that she's done. Thank You, Lord, that our flight home is tomorrow and not a day later. Thank You for giving us the strength, health (mentally & physically), and patience in perfect amount to last us for three weeks. What an adventure it has been for our family. Even with the challenges, I can honestly say that I have immensely enjoyed it. I will cherish these memories for years to come. 

Now the girls are fast asleep...we need to get up at 5:30am (yikes). That gives us about 6-7 hours of sleep. Prayers for our safe and smooth travels home will be greatly appreciated. We fly from Hong Kong to Tokyo, Tokyo to Atlanta, and finally Atlanta to Jax (we will land in Jax around 9pm Eastern time on Saturday). Siana will become an American citizen as soon as we land in Atlanta. I, once again, will be the odd-woman out :)

I have one more traveling post that I plan to write (in flight). Since Atlanta doesn't have free WiFi, I will post it as soon as I get home. 

Thank you all so much for following our journey. We are so very close to being home - and many of you will meet our Mini-Lu soon. We are very much looking forward to seeing you all! 

Good night from Hong Kong.

God is Gracious,

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  1. What a Journey! Praying for your safe return! Love the pics of Siana, you are quite the photographer!