Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 2 - Meeting Family

We had quite a full day today. All four of us woke up around 3am due to jet lag, and only Allan was able to fall back asleep for a little longer. We just waited around in our hotel room for the day to get started (which felt like a really long time!). When PapaG and Mimi woke up, we all took a walk down to the nearest McDonald's for some breakfast. 
Here is a picture in front of a temple we walked by.

We waited around at the hotel for a couple of more hours, then it was time to take multiple train rides to visit family. Allan had to take a picture of the girls in front of the Japanese Star Trek ad.

Our total travel time to the meeting spot was about an hour and a half. It didn't feel that long at all, since it involved so much walking and hopping from one train to the next. The girls enjoyed every minute of it! "How many more stops until we get off?" "I see all the cars outside!" "The train is moving so fast!"
When we reached our destination, we were greeted by my cousin (when I was growing up in Japan, she was like a big sister to me) and her two boys. The 2nd cousins (is that the right term?) met for the first time. The language barrier didn't keep them from having a blast together!

By the way, the meeting spot was our family's gravesite (in Japan, family members are buried together under a family gravestone. This is the spot where my grandfather, his brothers, and other family members were buried). 
It was finally time to meet great-grandma. She's 93 and still doing great physically. Mentally she's forgetting things a lot; for example she kept getting my cousin and me mixed up today. It was so great to see her and to have her meet the girls for the first time. 
Here is a picture of my grandma with all four of her great-grandchildren.

Here is a picture of FOUR generations of Kamiya girls (and boys)

Picture with my cousin and my mom (and one of the boys)

Here's all of us (minus my mom)

We all enjoyed a nice lunch together afterwards (oh how I've missed my Japanese food!). Then we took the trains again back to the hotel. The girls were STILL hanging with us (we thought for sure they'd fall asleep on the train). Allan took them for a short swim at the hotel pool. As I'm typing this, they're relaxing on the bed, watching "Cars." Hopefully we wore them out enough and they'll sleep through the night!
It was a great day visiting with was so fun to see how happy my relatives were to finally meet the girls. 
Tomorrow is Disney. Please pray for a good, full-night's rest! 

Last but not least, this morning in my inbox I received final updated photos of Siana. The picture of her in a toy jeep reminds me of Peanut at her age, when she was into Cars and trains and all the boy toys.

God is Gracious,

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