Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 18 - Boat Cruise

We had a really relaxing morning today. We didn't have anything on the agenda for most of the day, so we took our time enjoying breakfast (as much as we can - it's still a lot trying to maneuver a breakfast buffet with 3 kids). 

Mini-Lu was in a bit of a fussy mood today; I think she has a bit of a cold. Still, compared to our older girls, her fits are not nearly as loud or dramatic or long-lasting. 

We took some pictures at the "garden" of the Garden Hotel. It certainly lives up to its name; it started raining so I wasn't able to take as many as I wanted. 

We just snacked for lunch (that's what we've been doing mostly - since we had a late, big breakfast). While Mini-Lu was napping and the older girls were watching a show, Daddy and Mommy enjoyed some coffee/cake time. The pastries are really delicious here. 

Mini-Lu continues to be a very busy bug when we're inside the hotel room. I do need to remember that she's 2 - it would be hard to keep any toddler locked inside a hotel room for hours! I'm also learning that it's hard to keep her from messing with her older sisters' things. They have a lot of things that she's not quite ready for, but she's old enough to want everything that they have. 

Finally it was time for the dinner boat cruise. We were pretty hungry by this time, but in hindsight, we should have eaten beforehand. They served us Chinese buffet...which didn't go over well with most of us. 
Before we left the hotel for the cruise, we took a group picture of all the adoptive families that are sharing the same bus/tour guide. All the families are from our agency, except for one. 
We tried to also take a family pic but LB was not in the mood.
Here when we were waiting for our boat, she was in a better mood.

It was a beautiful, relaxing evening on the boat cruise. The breeze was a welcomed change from the humidity, and the views were breathtaking. Everyone was in a happy mood.
Oh, by the way, as you can see in this picture below, Peanut lost her first tooth today.
Watch the video here:

Allan went nuts with the panoramic setting 
Our hotel lobby

From the boat

From the boat (night view)

I know I've expressed this a few different times...I've really enjoyed getting to know the other adoptive families here. They all inspire me in so many ways. I wish we had more time to chat, but as most of you know, it's hard to keep adult conversations going for a long time with little kids around. Two families will depart to Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow is FINALLY our Consulate appointment...the whole reason why we're in Guangzhou :) 

Allan is soooo ready to go home. I am ready to get out of hotel living and out of China, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to do this without him. It's been great having so much family time, 24-7. 

As challenging as it was at times to bring our children with us (especially LB), we don't regret bringing them one bit. Mini-Lu has blended in so smoothly with our family, and I believe that we owe so much of that to our girls. I'm so glad we had these 2 weeks for all four of us to welcome her into our family. It just feels like the right beginning for our family of 5. 

God is Gracious,

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