Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 15 - Shopping & Museum

We went down to breakfast a little early today, so we can meet our group by 9:15 to start our shopping & museum day. We're really enjoying getting to know the other adoptive families from our agency. There are five families total from our agency (and 26 people total - that's averaging more than 5 per family, haha). We have our own bus to take us around in. One family has 3 bio children and adopted 2 children during this trip. We are the ones with the youngest set of children (other families brought children along who are older), but they all seemed to have adopted children with more severe special needs than ours. I honestly don't see any "motor development delay" in Siana. I can tell that she's wicked smart...she figures things out quickly (especially mechanical things). Her fine motor skills and coordination are excellent. She walks - even runs - without any problem. She is very active when we're inside the hotel room, getting into everything.

As soon as we're traveling, she quickly goes into her "snuggle" mode. It's almost like in her mind, getting in a bus/car/plane instantly means snuggle/nap time. 

We visited the pearl market. Apparently they harvest pearls from the river on this city. We joined in with other families in buying a strand of pearls for our adopted daughter (they made a necklace and a pair of earrings out of one strand). Other families said they'll give them for their daughter to wear on her wedding. I want Siana to choose everything that she wants to wear on her wedding, so we're thinking we'll give them to her for her first prom.

This market was filled with jewelry stores...mostly pearls, jades, and crystals. 
These are the ladies who worked on Siana's pearls. I held Siana up so she can pick up her own bag to put them in (she actually pointed to one). 
Strands of pearls were in plastic bags everywhere at this store (and in other stores). Miko said this was a wholesale market for pearls.
Picture of Siana with her bag (with her pearls inside).

We went to the other side of the market, where they had cheap Disney DVDs. We went crazy and bought a dozen (it was buy 5 get 1, so two were free). 
We also stopped by this embroidery shop where everything was buy 1 get 1 free. I went crazy there again and bought lots of souvenirs. 
The dads and the children were waiting outside the store, of course.

I thought this was a fun shot of the two adopted girls posing the same way. This 4-yr-old girl has a tumor in her eye. She's getting checked up as soon as she arrives in U.S. Please say a prayer for her (along with the other adopted children in our group...this girl's new brother has cerebral palsy, a girl with albinism, a girl with cleft palate, a girl with some kind of digestive/rectal issue, and our Siana Lu make up the 6 adopted children in our group). 

After shopping we went to the Guangdong Folk Arts Museum. For one family, this was their 3rd adoption trip to China. They said they went to this museum every time...and they take a family picture on the same spot, with one more child added each time :) Unfortunately for us, it began raining by the time we arrived there...which made it hard to enjoy the place. Allan still went camera-crazy though.

It's amazing that every detail of this place was carved by hand. 
This is our tour guide Miko. On the bottom picture, Peanut is observing the process of Cantonese art.
We couldn't enjoy this beautiful garden because of the rain.
There was a random vending machine in the middle of this garden.
Since there's only so much that we can see with the rain, our sightseeing time quickly turned into snack time. Our three matching girls :)

We then headed back to the hotel. We spent the afternoon in our hotel room. Siana continues to take a good nap daily. The older girls watched "The Little Mermaid" for the first time (one of the DVDs I bought earlier at the market). 

I forgot to post this - at the Hohhot airport, when we met the English-speaking lady Angel, she told us that our older girls look so much more like Allan than me. It's so funny that I hear the opposite remark when we're in the U.S. In Asia, the girls' American features are more obvious to people, and in the U.S., their Asian features are more obvious. I thought this was very intriguing. This was part of the reason why the girls were getting so much attention here (teenagers will often walk by and pet their hair or take their pictures). 

Back to our day. We had a low-key afternoon/evening. We walked over to Pizza Hut for dinner - here in GZ, Pizza Hut is a full-on restaurant (has lots of items on the menu, like pasta). Pizza was really good was made to order. 

LittleBit and I attempted to find some ice cream while the rest of the fam went back to the hotel room. We were unsuccessful (mainly because it started raining again). But during this time, I noticed that LB was back to her normal easy-going self. She walked without complaining, and she didn't throw a fit about not getting ice cream. She just said, "It's OK, Mommy, it's raining." I remembered, "Oh yeah, this is how you normally act." So I think it's safe to say that 100% of the reason for her recent behavior is due to the shift in our family dynamics...not wanting to share the attention she used to have as the baby of the family. She's learning to be a good big sister, though...I can tell that deep inside she wants to bond with Siana. I have complete faith that they will develop a beautiful friendship, as they are only 1.5 years apart in age. 

Siana is a quick learner. We taught her how to sign "please" today. I had Peanut do it as an example...when Peanut signed "please," we gave her a snack. Siana picked it up right away and signed "please." She gets so excited and uses both hands. It's so cute. She is so smart!

She does not like to get her poopy diaper changed. We noticed that she's quite strong for her little self (she also weighs a lot more than how she appears - that's why I got the clothes size wrong, I was only going by weight). She feels as heavy as LittleBit, even though she's smaller. 
She really doesn't like her food being broken into pieces for her. When we broke up the pizza, she refused to eat it...but when we gave her a big piece to hold, she ate it happily. 
She also would rather drink water out of a cup or a bottle, instead of using a sippy cup. She's so forceful and usually ends up dumping water on herself. We always have to be ready to help her when she grabs a drink.

She is very good at sharing. She would pick up a toy not knowing who it belongs to, then LB would complain that the toy is hers. Siana then immediately tries to give it back to LB. She is so sweet. I can tell that the orphanage must have really emphasized playing nicely. She hasn't been mean or forceful with the other girls at all...only when she's fooling around with them, she gets a little rough (because she's so strong). 

Her tummy seems to be a little upset today. She pooped 3x today (a little mushy - sorry for the TMI). We're assuming the change in diet may be causing her tummy to be upset. LB's tummy seems to be still upset too. Please continue to pray for healing for all of us (currently Siana, LB, and me). I am thankful though, that our health issues have been completely manageable up to this point. One family had to take their daughter to the hospital today. Please pray for her as well - her new name is Avery (she's the one with digestive issues). 

Lastly, as we were playing around today, Allan came up with Siana's nickname - Mini-Lu. When we were still thinking of the nickname, one of the dads of our group said whatever it is, it will have to mean "small" to match the other girls. We also bought lots of Minnie Mouse stuff for Siana before we came here (her bib, her toy, etc.). I thought it was perfect. So now we have Peanut, LittleBit, and Mini-Lu. We also shorten their nicknames often, so we have "the nut," "the bit," and "the lu." 

Time for bed. Tomorrow is the zoo.

God is Gracious,

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  1. Love the short nicknames too! After looking at the pics of the girls, Alysia asked me if all three of the girls are twins! I guess everyone will know they are sisters!