Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 14 - A Day to Recharge

We all got a good night sleep after such a long day. Siana continues to sleep through the night in her crib like a champ. 

This morning was Siana's medical checkup at the clinic. Last night we had decided that only one parent will take her, while the other parent stays behind to allow the older girls to sleep in. Since Allan is the American citizen between the two of us, our guide said he should be the one to go. 

Here is our guide in Guangzhou Miko, followed by picture of Allan and Siana at the clinic. He said she did well - only cried when they took her away from him...and also when they took her visa picture (she HATES getting her picture taken).

By the way, Allan and LB are both feeling much better. They had not gotten sick since yesterday morning. Praise God. Thank you to everyone who prayed for them. 

After Allan and Siana left for the clinic, the girls and I went down to the breakfast buffet. I must have made at least 20 trips back and forth to our table, getting food & drinks for myself and the girls. This hotel must have some kind of Japanese relation - everything is written in Chinese, English, and Japanese. They had quite a bit of Japanese food at the buffet too - including natto (fermented beans) and miso soup. The girls and I were very happy about this.

Afterwards the three of us enjoyed a very slow morning in our hotel room. I took a nice, long shower (I love how all the Chinese hotel rooms have ceiling shower heads). I was able to take extra time getting ready (I plucked my eyebrows and blow-dried my hair...some things I haven't done in a while!). I unpacked and organized our belongings. 

A little after noon, Allan and Siana returned from their trip to the clinic. I took Peanut with me to go shopping at the grocery store, along with other adoptive families from our agency. I love that we're not "alone" anymore. Our guide Miko told us that the supermarket is Japanese - I recognized a lot of the brands that were there. It's so great to be at a place where we can easily purchase what we need, without wondering what in the world we're buying.

Shortly after we came back to the hotel, it was time for me to attend a meeting with our guide to prepare all the paperwork needed for the U.S. Consulate appointment on Thursday. She also gave us the rundown for the week. 

While I was gone, Allan took these pictures of our three girls.
Siana quietly enjoying Daddy time on his lap...
LittleBit enjoying a movie on the iPad...
...and here is our firstborn, who knows what she's doing!?

We've noticed benefits and challenges of each child's personality during this trip:
Peanut is the most self-sufficient & independent (which has been very helpful), she also makes Siana laugh like no other. But she's our NON-stop busy explorer...who has to wander off and/or touch everything. On the way to the supermarket, she slipped and fell in the puddle 3 times because she was stepping in them on purpose. 
LittleBit radiates cuteness like no other. But she has been one needy, difficult child during this trip. She is craving attention from us constantly, in both good and bad ways.
Siana is so adaptable - and when we're traveling (whether by walking, in car, or in flight), she is sooo easy-going. She just sits quietly on our lap (we're not used to having a non-squirmer, but it's been wonderful!). But when we're inside the hotel room, she turns into a little explorer too and wants to get into everything. We've forgotten what a life with a toddler is like! She also has very random spurts of being upset...but so far she calms down very quickly and easily.

After the meeting, we decided to venture out for dinner. Before we even left the hotel room, Allan asked me, "Big Mac at McDonald's!?" He didn't have to twist my arm. Dinner was very good actually - I think even better than McD's in the U.S. We then walked over to the same supermarket (I had forgotten to buy a few things earlier). 

Here's a picture on the way. Guangzhou is a lot cleaner and more modern. We can actually walk on sidewalks (instead of cars being parked on them). More people speak English here. It reminds me a little of Tokyo.

This is what shopping is going to look like for me from now on...
This is what it will look like for Allan...

As I mentioned, Siana continues to be a great sleeper. She was probably worn out from yesterday. She took a 3-hr nap today and was trying to climb into her crib by 7:30pm. 

Today was a much more relaxing day. We are very glad to be here. It's been so great to interact with other adoptive families as well. 

Oh, one bad news. Yesterday I started having very sore throat. Today I noticed blisters and rashes on my mouth, hand, and feet. I knew what I had before I even researched it. What was funny to read when I did Google hand, foot, and mouth disease is that there's increased risk of contracting it in countries with overcrowded conditions or in areas with poor sanitation. Well, China has 2 out of 2 there! I just have to let it run its course. It's more annoying than anything else. Please pray that the others won't get it!

Lastly before I go to bed, I want to jot down some characteristics of Siana from this first week of having her:

What Siana is like...

She hates having her pictures taken. She's completely calm until she sees a camera aimed her way.
She hates having food broken in pieces in front of her. She starts screaming every time we break some food apart for her (she probably thinks we're taking them away?).
She has randon spurts of crying moments, but she settles down quickly on her own (we don't necessarily have to tend to her to calm her down).
She is NOT a morning person (fits in very well with our family; the only one who doesn't fit that mold is P).
Very playful and giggly. She SQUEALS like crazy (and gets VERY loud) when she's excited. Peanut loves trying to make her squeal.
Great traveler.
Gets into everything in the hotel room.
She loves to play with Peanut.
She grabs the water cup/bottle with so much force that she dumps water on herself...but it doesn't seem to phase her at all. 
She loves bananas.
She doesn't seem to like she really Chinese?
She waves her arm up and down for not wanting something AND for wanting something - which makes it difficult for us to understand her. 
She is a joy!!! 

God is Gracious,

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